Yuuki.I Sex Doll Review

Once she has your attention, this busty babe won’t leave your mind—she is the best sex doll around. She possesses a body so sexy that you immediately want to spend a night and have a taste of her. Meet the delightful Yuuki.I. 

A petite figure, fun colored hair, big doe eyes, long thin legs accompanied by a juicy butt, tiny waist, and E-cup breasts, what more could a man want? She’s the ideal fantasy. We know she got you hard the moment you laid eyes on her. Let us guess. You can’t stop thinking about her ample breasts jumping up and down while she’s on top of you, right? 

Yuuki likes dressing up in clothes that show off her curvy body—the tighter and shorter, the better it suits her. She’s a real tease and will let you slap and grab her bootie as much as you want. Let your sweet thoughts of her materialize, and do what you wish. Yuuki will be your hot date forever.

Yuuki’s Irresistible Body Measurements

Yuuki.I is part of the new SE Dolls collection of hyper-realistic Silicone Pro Sex Dolls, exclusively crafted for pleasure and suited to please every sexual need. Why fantasize when you can make this voluptuous silicone sex doll yours? Read more about details about her quality build:


155cm/5ft1 E-cup Silicone Sex Doll – Yuuki.I


SE Dolls




5 ft 1 in / 155 cm


50.7 lbs / 23 kg


1 ft 11 in / 59 cm


3 ft  / 92 cm


2 ft 7 in / 79.5 cm

Bra Size


Vagina Depth

6 in/ 16 cm

Anus Depth

6 in/ 14 cm

Oral Depth

5 in/ 12 cm

Personalize Your Silicone Sex Doll Yuuki.I

Yuuki.I is an SE Dolls creation that comes with a natural skin tone. She has long, colored hair and purple eyes, but all of this can be changed and adjusted on the RosemaryDoll website before purchasing her.

There’s no need to worry if Yuuki isn’t specifically designed to suit your tastes; you can customize her body and head to fit them. RosemaryDoll offers its customers a chance to choose and customize their dolls with free and premium options and add-ons.

Free Body Customization and Add-ons

This customization focuses on the doll’s appearance, and you can adjust little details to match your preferred look. It’s a completely free-of-charge process that helps you create the hottie of your dreams.

Premium Customization and Paid Features

If you wish to improve the realism of this stunning seductress further, then use these premium features to make her body feel and look hyper-realistic. Some of them affect the body’s movement and mechanism and provide a realistic experience when you take her in different positions.

Invest in Yuuki’s Care and Make Her Last Longer

SE Dolls creates perfect silicone dolls, and Yuuki is no exception. She may crafted from the finest quality silicone, which is extremely soft and durable, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t require some care.

You can clean Yuuki very easily using tepid water and antibacterial soap. Just use your hands or a sponge to soak them up and apply them all over her body. Scrub gently and wash with water, then dry the doll with a towel. After cleaning, let the doll air dry on a dry towel, and lastly, apply baby powder to maintain her soft skin.

After Care and What To Avoid

Focus on cleaning the most used areas, such as the face, mouth, vagina, and anal opening, and try to clean the doll often. Remember to be gentle when cleaning so you avoid tearing the silicone skin.

Avoid drying with a blowdryer and exposing the doll to the sun—silicone can’t handle heat well. Don’t soak the doll’s head and neck in water to avoid rusting the metal skeleton, and make sure she’s completely dry before engaging in intercourse.

Proper maintenance and care can prolong a silicone sex doll’s already durable lifetime. If you take care of Yuuki, she will surely take care of you for a long time.

Why Yuuki.I Is the Busty Babe for You

Be prepared for endless days and nights in your pleasure palace; you won’t be able to resist her explosive figure. Once you get her, there is no turning back. You can’t escape her captivating presence that you’ll crave constantly.

Her petite, curvy body with long legs and wide hips is especially visible in clothes, and it’s even better without them. Fondling her huge E-cup breasts and sucking her hard nipples will be on your mind 24/7. You can’t deny it—you’re already obsessed with Yuuki. 

A busty beauty like her is difficult to come across. Getting a petite silicone sex doll like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so don’t miss it! Get yourself Yuuki on the Rosemary Doll website and spice up your sex life starting today!

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