A Wild Blonde Cowgirl: Yuuka.G Is Ready To Ride

Saddle up, cowboys, because Yuuka.G is here to explore the West. Will you show her around? Take this voluptuous beauty on the sex adventures of a lifetime. 

The wild Yuuka.G is a silicone sex doll sent from heaven. She’s a real stunner with a small waist, thick legs, a juicy butt, and shapely E-cup breasts. Her pretty face and gorgeous features are a huge bonus. Imagine her magical eyes and enchanting gaze upon you as she slides her soft lips down your body to give you pleasures you won’t forget.

She’s always ready to explore new hot positions and is quite the tease. This blondie can’t be tamed once you get her on top, she’s going to ride you the whole night, and no, she won’t take her hat off!

Yuuka.G is a catch, and she can be yours to take every day and night if you only wish it. Before you decide, let us tell you more about our sexy stunner. 

Yuuka.G’s Voluptuous Silicone Body

With an angelic face, dainty shoulders and arms, long legs, stunning feminine curves, and E-cup breasts, Yuuka.G  is a dream come true.

SE Dolls had perfection in mind when they created her. Yuuka.G has the most alluring figure and perfect body proportions. We prepared a detailed description of her to help you visualize her beauty.


161/5ft3 E-cup Silicone Sex Doll – Yuuka.G


SE Dolls




5ft 3in / 161 cm


75 lbs / 34 kg


1 ft 7 in / 48 cm


3 ft 1 / 95 cm


2 ft 7 in / 79 cm

Bra Size


Vagina Depth

6 in/ 16 cm

Anus Depth

6 in/ 14 cm

Oral Depth

5 in/ 12 cm

Make Yuuka.G Even More Desirable

Rosemary Doll allows its customers to customize the chosen sex dolls according to their tastes and standards. You get to play around with Yuuka.G’s appearance and body and adjust small details that can change the way this doll looks, feels, and performs. 

Most of the basic customization options and features are free, but other exclusive adjustments come with a small fee. Here is a description of all of the customization options Rosemary Doll offers.

Free-of-Charge General Customization

Yuuka.G is a blonde SE Dolls bombshell with head #079SC and a light tan. She comes equipped with purple eyes, gel breasts, a fixed vagina, an EVO skeleton, and a long hairstyle with bangs. Whether these features remain or you want to add some free adjustments is up to you.

Exclusive Customization and Features

Browse the exclusive customization and paid add-ons that focus on your hyper-realistic doll’s performance in the bedroom. Choose wisely, and don’t deny yourself any pleasure!

How To Clean and Maintain a Silicone Sex Doll

Yuuka.G is an SE Dolls Silicone Pro Sex Doll crafted from quality medical-grade silicone known for its flexibility and durability. With regular cleaning and proper maintenance, a silicone doll can be used and last for a long time. 

Cleaning a sex doll takes little to no effort and won’t take up your time. Cleaning supplies that are non-abrasive and don’t contain harsh chemicals are all you need to clean a sex doll. Here is a small list of the things you’re going to need:

Understand the Process

Repeat these four simple steps when cleaning and caring for your sex doll:

Take a soft towel or a light sponge and lather up Yuuka.G’s body with antibacterial soap and water, then scrub and clean gently in circular motions. Remember to focus on cleaning important areas that you use daily, such as the face, mouth, vagina, and anal opening.

2.The dolls’ metal skeletons and mechanisms are prone to rusting. To prevent rusting, wash or shower the doll and avoid soaking the head and neck in water.

After washing, place the doll on a big towel and pat her dry with a thin cloth. Be patient and let the doll dry completely, then apply talcum (baby) powder to maintain the quality of the silicone skin.

Store the doll in a dry, cool place, away from sunlight and dust. Make sure the doll is either standing upright or lying on her back in her storage place.

Get Yuuka.G for Neverending Wild Nights

In her natural element, Yuuka.G is a real cowgirl with captivating beauty and irresistible curves. However, her alluring figure does not outweigh her talents in bed. She’s the ideal sex partner that you just can’t stop craving. Yuuka.G is a doll so desirable that she seems unreal, but she can be standing in front of you, below you, or on top of you each night. 

Customize your doll on the Rosemary Doll website and prepare for the wildest nights of your life. Invoke the animal within you and get Yuuka.G today!

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