Yvette: An Alluring Playboy Bunny

Yvette Sex Doll Review

It's no secret that Playboy bunnies are ultra sexy, but our version of these popular chicks is without parallel.

Skinny, booblicious, and irresistible - Yvette brings all the fun. Her white-hot stockings and red revealing lingerie make her an absolute slayer.

Not to mention her raw, blatant, and unrestrained sexuality in bed that will get you all tangled up in her body. It's impossible not to get an instant boner, regardless of the angle you check her out from. 

You don't get the chance to meet such bunnies regularly, so don't miss your shot. Keep scrolling to solve the enigma behind her racy looks and discover why you need to make enough room for her in your bedroom or your pants.

What Makes Her Body Too Hot To Handle?

Apart from your instant naughty wishes, we are convinced the second thing that came to your mind is how Yvette's body is THAT good. Here's why.


Height: 5 ft 2 in / 157 cm

Weight: 77.2 lbs / 35 kg

Bra Size: H-Cup

Feet Length: 8 in / 21 cm

Bust: 2 ft 11 in / 88 cm

Shoulders Width: 1 ft 1 in / 32 cm

Waist: 1 ft 10 in / 56 cm

Anus Depth: 7 in / 17 cm

Hip: 3 ft 2 in / 97 cm

Brand: SE Dolls

Vagina Depth: 7 in / 17 cm

Material: TPE 

Oral Depth: 6 in / 15 cm

Price: $1,799.00

Time To Make Her Sparkle

Yvette's exterior is worth all the rage, but there's still much more you can add to her, such as these facial advancements: 

Make Her Perform Like a High-Class Escort

Make your sex doll stand on her own and see the magic unfold. If you marvel at how she does that, we'll exclusively share our secret trick with you: we've put three metal bolt heads to support her. All that with one cause - so that you can lean her, prop her, and pose her in completely new angles. 

As if this wasn't convincing enough, you can easily do her makeup and play dress up with her. But if you think you can ‘survive’ without these little luxuries, stay with the regular feet.

And to make her go from cute to savage real quick, get her the newest EVO skeleton upgrade. If your ultimate favorite sex position is ‘a lot’, that's exactly what Yvette will do. You two can try out even the craziest sex positions you've ever thought of. 

The other option is the regular skeleton, which does its job really well. To further strengthen the adventurous reputation that you two have, and diversify your roleplay, choose from our 6" or 7.5" (15 or 19 cm) long penis.

Add the Finishing Touches on Her Private Parts

Yvette can't be ready, steady, and all set for sex without selecting the following features. 

Vagina Type

And here comes the usual dilemma: whether to go with a fixed or removable vagina. If you prioritize possessing a vagina anatomically resembling that of a real woman, we suggest you choose the fixed option. But if realism isn't a big priority for you, choose the practical removable vagina.

Pubic Hair

When it comes to tailoring her ravishing crotch area to your unique taste, this is a must. Yvette can have a perfectly smooth surface or a nice bushy surface. What's your go-to option between the two?

Breast Types

When it comes to breast types, solid, hollow, and gel breasts are the three choices. The first ones are firm and runaway-model perky, and the second are playful and squishy. If none of them don't seem tempting enough to you, consider the gel-based ones. The fact that they are the most realistic and have the best features of the upper two speaks enough of their quality.

Premium Touch-ups

Your task doesn't stop at the rich visual enhancements. Here, you raise Yvette's functionality to the heights of a real woman.

Body Moaning

Installing a body moaning system means hearing those amazing moans you should pride yourself on. After all, your touch is the reason she makes those sounds.

Body Heating

We can make sex more comfortable and convenient for you. All it takes is to equip her with a body heating system and see how she reaches the temperature of a real woman.

Lubricant-free Vagina

No one wants a dry and uninviting vaginal surface. To save you time from manually lubricating her and avoid friction, you should consider getting the lubricant-free vagina option. Simply put some water on her orifice and see how it functions as a lube.

Auto-sucking Vagina

But the please doesn’t seem to have an end. This doll's hidden specialty is producing suction-like movements around your genital area that lead to the wildest orgasms. 

Articulated Fingers

Avoid the struggle with passive fingers and equip the doll with the new articulated fingers. They allow various fascinating hand gestures and expressive hand rotations.

Hyper-Realism Body Painting

How does the idea of a doll adorned with veins, pores, and skin structures seem to you? It's the hyper-realism body painting that makes her that realistic. 

Hyper-Realism Body Painting and Freckles

Apart from the above-listed premium wonders, the doll can come to your home with adorable sun-kissed freckles. If you think she'll pull them off, this is definitely a feature you should consider.  

Sexy Lingerie

We highly doubt your plans for her at this stage include keeping her in that red bunny set forever. To help you turn your naughty wishes into palpable reality, she can switch roles in the bedroom. Choose wisely, as there are 16 ready-made outfits for Yvette.

Extra Head

Do you want to see a completely different, pretty face attached to Yvette's body? Check out our selection of heads and tell us your special requirements—even the second head is fully customizable.

How Do You Take Care of Yvette

Before trying out Yvette and after each sex session, be it a sex marathon or a quickie, cleaning is a must. Carefully rinse her with a soft sponge thoroughly using mild water and antibacterial soap. Then, you dry her with a soft cloth and sprinkle some baby powder afterward. Lastly, you put her in a secluded place in a hung-up or lying-down position. Only then do you carry on with the post-sex aftercare of you two.

Let Yvette Turn Up the Heat

With Yvette by your side, sex is anything but lame and mechanical. If you have had enough of seeing this Playboy bunny rocking her curves on screen, and you started yearning to see her rock your cock so badly, get her right now. She'll look good on you!

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