The Fulfiller of Fantasies: Gail Eugen

Sex Doll Gail Eugen Review

Do you ever fantasize about a cute innocent Asian girl who would do anything to meet your needs and desires in bed? If yes, then our Gail Eugen is perfect for you. Her appearance will enchant you at first sight, and you’ll want to make her yours immediately. 

It’s easy to recognize Gail Eugen’s beautiful and naive face with small, juicy lips you simply cannot resist. She comes with a cute schoolgirl outfit that wakes up your deepest fantasies and invites you to bang her every time you set your eyes on her. 

You’ll be raring to dive into her unbelievable F-cup breasts. Her lush hips and thin waist complete her figure, while her realistic, soft TPE skin will make you go crazy every time you touch it.

Gail Eugen’s Dream Figure

SE Doll has done it again; Gail Eugen is one more sex doll masterpiece that’s designed with sexuality and personalization in mind. Not convinced? Have a look at her body specifications:


161cm/5ft3 F-cup TPE Sex Doll – Gail Eugen


SE Doll




5 ft 3 in/ 161 cm


77,2 lbs/ 35 kg

Bra Size



2 ft 9 in/ 83 cm


1 ft 8 in/ 50 cm


2 ft 11 in/ 89 cm

Vagina Depth

7 in/ 17 cm

Anus Depth

7 in/ 17 cm

Oral Depth

6 in/ 15 cm

Feet Length

8 in/ 21 cm

Customize Gail Eugen to Your Liking

You can have Gail Eugen as she is, or you can customize her and create your dream sex doll partner. Here at RosemaryDoll, we’ve introduced extra special offers for alterations in literally every aspect of your sex partner for your unlimited pleasure.

Free Basic Customization

When it comes to free customization, Gail Eugen is happy to change a lot in her appearance for you. You can make her tan darker, or you can make it white. 

Her beautiful short hair is also something she’s willing to change. There are 16 different wigs you can choose from, including uncommon colors like purple and pink. You can change Gail Eugen’s eye color, and for the ultimate realistic oral experience, you can have her with a tongue. 

You can choose from three types of breasts: hollow, solid, or filled with gel. As for her position, you can bang Gail Eugen while standing with the standing add-on that you can have for free. 

She comes with a fixed vagina, but you can choose a removable one for easier maintenance. You can even have her with a lubricant-free vagina, so you’ll never again have to spend time lubricating her before making her yours for the night. Trust us, she’s aroused enough! 

Gail Eugen comes with a standard skeleton that allows you to bend her legs at 90 degrees, only forward and backward, without shrugging her shoulders. The EVO skeleton, though, is an improvement that offers more flexibility, makes your doll more realistic, and allows her to get into different poses more freely. That way, she can lean her spine left and right and she can bend the legs in the W position for you. You can also make her fingers articulate.

Exclusive Features

Gail Eugen is a realistic life-sized doll made to fulfill your sexual desires. SE Doll knows the right ways to create a doll that’s bound to make you hard. However, if you think that you can improve their creation for your extra pleasure, feel free to use the extra exclusive customization features.

How to Properly Maintain Your Doll

Cleaning a sex doll may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. The frequency of cleaning and maintenance of your sex doll depends on you and your sexual needs, although it’s mandatory to do it before the first use to remove factory residue. After that, at least once a month should be enough if you tend to clean the key body parts after each use (vagina, anus, and mouth). 

The cleaning kit for TPE dolls includes water, soap, a sponge or towel, a drying cloth, and baby powder. You can find a pre-made kit on our website, or you can make your own. 

First, make a mixture of water and antibacterial soap that you’ll gently apply with a sponge or towel all over the surface of your doll. Cleaning the interior is the most important step; focus on the most frequently used parts and clean them extra carefully. Pay attention to the sponge you’re using; don’t use hard sponges or sharp objects, as you can damage the doll’s skin. 

You can also shower your doll. Just be aware of the head and neck; don’t expose those parts to water, as it can cause rust to the metal components. If you get them wet by accident, make sure you dry them immediately. After you clean your doll, put her gently on a soft towel and dry it gently with a drying cloth. Once again, don’t brush it with hard sponges or wire.

Once dry, apply the baby powder on the skin to prevent friction damage. Don’t apply any other substances to the skin. If you follow this protocol, the doll will last anywhere from 2 to 10 years. Store your doll in a cool, dry, and dark place, and don’t expose her to extreme heat.

Find Your Perfect Sex Partner in Gail Eugen

Gail Eugen will help you reach new levels of sexual pleasure and help you understand what you desire from your sexual partner. SE Doll pays special attention to details when creating their sex dolls, while RosemaryDoll is here to let you fully customize your dolls with our add-ons. 

Our warmest recommendation – don’t wait anymore. Get your Gail Eugen sex doll on our website and get ready to indulge in pure pleasure like never before!

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