Bishop: A Blonde Sex Angel

Sex Doll Bishop Review

Bishop is a blonde sex doll and every man’s fantasy partner, especially for those who adore sports and the blonde type of girls nearby. Her cute face and beautiful sea-blue eyes will make your heart beat faster and faster whenever she is close by.

This vixen is a realistic and authentic blonde wearing a football jersey and shorts that heat the passion during the foreplay. If you are looking for that spark that will boost your sex drive, then a sex doll like Bishop should be your choice.

Stay tuned and get ready to discover the other predispositions of this hottie that will light up your sex desire.

Body Overview: A Hot Bombshell With a Naive Face

At first glance, Bishop might look innocent, perfect for a long-term relationship partner. Looking down at her curves, she will make you sweat with just one look at the big-sized boobs, thin waist and legs, and booty backside. Take a look at her specs:


Sex Doll Bishop






5 ft 3 in / 161 cm 


77.2 lbs / 35 kg

Bra Size



2 ft 9 in / 83 cm 


1 ft 8 in / 50 cm


2 ft 11 in / 89 cm 

Vaginal Depth

7 in / 17 cm 

Anus Depth

7 in / 17 cm 

Oral Depth

6 in / 15 cm 


SE Doll

Customize Bishop to Fit Your Preferences

No man or woman on Earth has the same taste for a partner, which is why Rosemary Dolls allows you to customize your favorite sex doll before proceeding to the cart. You can adjust the doll’s appearance according to your preferences, choosing the perfect shape that fits your imagination.

Modify Bishop’s Appearance

The possibilities for creating your ideal sex doll are virtually endless. You can entirely transform Bishop’s appearance while retaining her original base model. Check out the following customizable options.

Upper Body Features

Lower Body Features

These options will help you make bedroom games more exciting and realistic. Have we tickled your imagination into what Bishop can offer for a steamy night between the sheets? But there is more!

Bishop's Premium Features

Why stop here? You can also select premium body options for an even more realistic sex experience. The best part is that you can choose from multiple options:

With these advanced characteristics, you’ll experience a warm embrace from Bishop as she emits soft, sensual sighs. Let Bishop get down on you and give you the blowjob you’ll never forget while the auto-sucking vagina offers an out-of-this-world experience.

Additional Equipment & Accessories

You can make Bishop look even hotter by choosing from the additional equipment and accessories. Here’s what else you can choose to change Bishop’s look:

You can also purchase a flight case to take Bishop with you on a travel adventure. And if you like role-playing and new faces, we’ll throw in one extra head for the same price, giving you the option to change your sex partner.

Cleaning & Caring Process

Maintaining proper hygiene is crucial to maintaining Bishop in top form. To provide the best practice, we would suggest breaking the entire process into parts as follows:

Part I: Cleaning

  1. Clean your doll every 14 days to avoid bacteria accumulation.
  2. Detach the head from the body, and if possible, also remove the wig.
  3. Combine antibacterial soap and tepid water. Gently massage the doll’s skin or lightly wipe it with a soft sponge.
  4. Don’t soak the neck and the head in water, as it can cause the doll to rust.
  5. To prevent bacterial growth, we advise cleaning key areas such as the vaginal, anal, and oral regions after each use.
  6. Avoid using harsh soaps or any other generic cleaning products.
  7. Avoid applying additional substances, such as fragrance oils, to the skin.

Part II: Caring

  1. Keep your doll safe by storing it in a secure place.
  2. Avoid exposing the doll to sunlight, which can cause skin fading and facial damage.
  3. Do not expose the doll to extreme temperatures, as it can deform.
  4. Store your doll in a seated position or lying on her back.
  5. Beware of wearing dark-colored fabrics that can stain the skin of your sex doll.
  6. Place your sex doll on a soft surface or hang it in the air to prevent permanent indentation from objects pressing into the doll’s skin.

If you accidentally get the doll’s metal components wet, dry them to prevent rust. Following the steps above is crucial to maintaining the doll’s life span.

Bishop Sex Doll: Hot Blonde Seductress

Bishop is probably the most realistic sex partner you can get to wake up your sexual fantasy. Besides the standard features, you can modify her appearance to get closer to your preferences by choosing the skin tone, hairstyle, and many other assembly elements. Bishop will offer endless nights of pleasure until you are fully satisfied.

If you want to check out and purchase other temptresses from our vast collection, feel free to visit Rosemary Dolls. We ensure the best delivery options by sending your preferred doll with no shipping fee worldwide. Our products arrive in plain carton boxes via UPS (United Parcel Service) or FedEx.

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