Tammy Lena: The Irresistible Bombshell

Sex Doll Tammy Lenna Review

Do you ever find yourself craving for something different? Something that will transform your quietest evenings into a scene straight out of a porno flick and make you want more. Something that will awaken the dominant lover asleep within you and make you go absolutely wild. 

What if we said that something like that is well within your reach? Introduce yourself to RosemaryDoll’s very own Tammy Lena. A fine TPE sex-doll specimen carrying a gorgeous set of F-Cups and an alluring, submissive smile that will melt your heart in seconds. 

Let’s take a moment to dig deep into Tammy Lena’s mesmerizing features and try to understand what makes her tick, or rather, what makes you tick.

Tammy Lena’s Silky Curves

Tammy Lena falls under our superb selection of SE dolls. Her flat belly and lightweight physique will leave you under the impression that she is the petite type. But the moment you look up, you’ll immediately change your mind. Let’s have a look at what she’s really made of and what you can expect out of the box:


Sex Doll – Tammy Lena


TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) 




161 cm / 5 ft 3 in 


35 kg / 77,2 lbs

Bra Size



83 cm / 2 ft 9 in 


50 cm / 1 ft 8 in


89 cm / 2 ft 11 in 

Vaginal Depth

17 cm / 7 in 

Anal Depth

17 cm / 7 in 

Oral Depth

15 cm / 6 in 



Modify Your Doll

Tammy Lena certainly is a sight for sore eyes. But perhaps you’re a gentleman of a rather peculiar taste and have a few touch-ups in mind. In that case, we are thrilled to let you know that you can fully customize your doll’s appearance, head to toe, according to your personal preference. The same goes for her performance capabilities as well. 

With the countless visual and functional improvements available, all you have to do is let your unfiltered imagination run wild, and we’ll make it a reality. Let’s have a look at what you can do to spice your love doll up.

Visual Alterations

The ravishing Tammy Lena comes with a complementary head of your choosing. This means that you practically get two dolls with a bombshell body for the price of one. You can completely define both the heads’ and Tammy Lena’s body’s appearance with a handful of attributes, including:

Practical Improvements

Not only is Tammy Lena a busty looker and bears infinite potential from a visual point of view, but her performance capabilities are definitely worth a mention as well. When customizing her functionality, you have some of the most advanced performance features a modern sex doll can take advantage of to choose from, such as:

Build Quality and Maintenance Techniques

The breathtaking Tammy Lena is a fine sex doll featuring a superior build, made completely out of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). Given its elasticity properties, the material can easily be stretched and reverted back into its original shape, allowing for the creation of those exquisite curves that accompany her aesthetic. 

Cleaning your TPE love doll is conveniently straightforward. All you need is some water, a soft sponge, antibacterial soap, a non-abrasive drying cloth and talcum powder. Gently rinse her surface area with some water and soap, pat-dry her with the cloth or let her air-dry and apply a layer of talcum powder. 

Remember never to submerge your doll’s head underwater and restrain yourself from blow-drying her, which can damage her skin’s integrity. We advise you to repeat the cleaning process every 10-14 days to maintain a clean and safe sexual experience.

Why Should You Consider Tammy Lena

The advantages of getting this wonderful model are pretty hard to miss. Ultimately, you will have the sexiest little minx with the perfect amount of bust, sharing a bed with you every night, and that alone is enough. On top of that, the amount of customizations you can do at absolutely no cost makes it a no-brainer decision. 

You get two heads of your choosing, as well as the option to modify her appearance and functionality to the maximum. The premium material selection allows for a hyper-realistic sensation throughout every lovemaking session and if you take care of her properly, she will definitely take care of you.

As a courtesy from RosemaryDoll, you’ll get a wig, comb, handling gloves, and a vagina cleaner to help you settle in Tammy Lena. And before you decide on her fashion style and role-playing outfits, you’ll receive a set of erotic underwear chosen at random from our extensive collection.

Your Wish Is Tammy Lena’s Command

Whichever untamed fantasies you may have lurking around in the back of your mind, this sassy lady will bring them to light. She will make you feel things you didn’t know you can feel. She will make you do things you didn’t know you were capable of. Purchase Tammy Lena now and never feel alone under the sheets again! 

All sex dolls are delivered with free worldwide shipping and discrete packaging for your enhanced privacy. Your next inti-mate is just a few clicks away.

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