Riva Bell Is Here to Reconstruct Your Sex Life

Sex Doll Riva Bell Review

Are you thinking about a handywoman willing to do anything to satisfy you? If yes, don’t look further than our Riva Bell. Her lovely face, small, juicy lips and inviting look will make you go crazy about her immediately, while everything else will make you want her over and over again. 

Riva Bell will arrive at your doorstep in her sexy working outfit, flaunting her long hair and amazing figure, ready to fix your sex life and work on anything else you have in mind. What really makes her special is her shock absorbers with mighty fine erect nipples, while her astonishing hips are not something a man can easily resist.  

Now, let’s go step by step and unearth all you need to know about Riva Bell’s features and how you can change her blueprint to fit your ideal sex doll design.

Riva Bell’s Astonishing Figure

SEDOLL has created another sex bomb with everything on Riva Bell designed to make your wet dreams come true. Find her perfect measures in the table below:


TPE Sex Doll – Riva Bell




5 ft 2 in / 157cm


77.2 lbs / 35 kg

Bra Size



2 ft 11 in / 88 cm

Shoulders Width

1 ft 1 in / 32 cm


1 ft 10 in / 56 cm


3 ft 2 in / 97 cm

Vagina Depth

7 in/ 17 cm

Anus Depth

7 in/ 17 cm

Oral Depth

6 in/ 15 cm

Feet Length

8 in/ 21 cm

Riva Bell Would Change For You

Riva Bell will love to change anything for you to reach the ultimate experience and satisfaction. You can get her as she is, or you can customize her and create the perfect personalized sex doll for yourself. RosemaryDoll, as always, brings you many special offers for alterations of your sex partner for your unlimited pleasure.

Customize Her Appearance to Your Liking

Regarding free customization, Riva Bell can be made different in every aspect of her appearance. First, change her tan. She is light tan in the website pictures, but you can make it white, natural, or dark.  

Her hair is also subject to change. There are 15 wigs to choose from, including natural hair colors and bright neons for your sexy cosplay moments. Riva Bell’s beautiful eyes can be altered as well, you’re free to choose from 6 different eye colors.

Vagina, Mouth, and Breasts Add-Ons

For the ultimate oral experience, you can have a tongue in her juicy little mouth. Her breasts can be hollow, solid, or filled with gel. The gel boobs feel very lifelike, but the hollow ones will bounce around while you tap her.

Her vagina is fixed, but you can choose it to be removable for easier maintenance. If you don’t like spending time lubricating her, get the lubricant-free vagina. She will be wet and raring to go with you at any moment.

Make Riva Bell More Flexible

Riva Bell has a standard skeleton that allows you to bend her legs at 90 degrees, forward and backward. The EVO skeleton, though, will dramatically improve your experience. It offers more flexibility, makes your doll more realistic, and allows her to get into different poses more freely, while also shrugging her shoulders. Her spine can be leaned left and right and she’ll be able to bend the legs in the W position for you. 

If you want to have sex with her in a standing position, you can do it with the standing feet feature and let her grip your tool with the articulated fingers add-on.

Exclusive Features For Ultimate Personalization

Riva Bell’s designers know how to create an ultra-realistic love doll that will always make you hard. Still, you can opt to spice her up if you think you can improve their creation. You’re more than welcome to use the premium customization features.

How to Properly Maintain Your Doll

Cleaning Riva Bell will not be complicated at all. It would be best if you do it before you first have sex with her to remove factory residue. After that, the frequency of cleaning and maintenance of the sex doll depends on your sexual needs. At least once a month should be enough if you don’t forget to clean the key body parts (vagina, anus, and mouth) after each sexy time.

Simple Guide For Cleaning Riva Bell

TPE dolls require water, soap, a sponge or towel, a drying cloth, and talcum powder, but it’s best to purchase a special cleaning kit that contains all the necessary tools for Riva Bell’s hygiene and maintenance needs. Make a mixture of water and soap, preferably antibacterial. Gently apply the mixture with a sponge or soft towel all over Riva Bell’s skin. After that, you have to clean her orifices. Don’t use hard sponges or sharp objects in the process, as you can damage the doll’s skin.

Be Aware of Metal Components

You can shower your doll, but be aware of the head and neck. Exposing those parts to water can cause rust on the metal components. Don’t worry; getting them wet by accident will not hurt as long as you dry them immediately. Put the doll down gently on a soft towel and dry her with a cloth. Once again, don’t brush her with any hard objects. 

When she dries completely, apply the talcum powder to her skin. Don’t apply oils or any other substances. If you take proper care of her, she will last from 2 to 10 years. Store Riva Bell in a cool, dry, and dark place, preferably in a sitting or lying position.

Enjoy Riva Bell’s Strong Skill Sets

Riva Bell goes deep into your fantasies and seduces you every time you just have a look at her. She’ll be your work buddy and sex partner, skilfully reconstructing your sex life and building your relationship. Let her sexual prowess bring you to new levels of satisfaction and fulfill your sex-at-work desires. 

Now, put your helmet and tool belt on, and get your hard hammer ready for Riva Bell. She’s waiting for you on RosemaryDoll’s website, tired from a hard day’s work, but there’s nothing that a good nailing won’t fix.  

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