Queena.A: Your Dream F-Cup TPE Sex Babe Awaits

Review of a sex doll called Queena.A

Spicy dreams come to reality as soon as you decide to let a sexy babe in your life. Imagine a curvy queen who makes your life as adventurous as a roller coaster, standing tall and shapely beside you. We are talking about no one else but the TPE sex doll Queena.A.

Dive into an adventure with this love doll, where every moment is a cheeky dance between your naughtiest fantasies and reality. Queena.A is the girl you’ll want to bring home to meet, well, maybe not your mom, but your inner bad boy.

Are you ready to handle curves like never before? Buckle up! Queena.A is here to take you on a sexy ride that will leave you weak at the knees!

The Features Defining Queena.A

Let’s peel back the curtains and dive into the hottest features that make Queena.A the ultimate seductress. From head to toe, she is packed with features that are not just jaw-dropping but also boner-incoming.  

Curious about what makes her tick all the right boxes? Stick around!


TPE Sex Doll – Queena.A





Bra Size



5 ft 3 in / 161 cm


77.2 lbs. / 35 kg

Vagina Depth

7 in / 17 cm

Anus Depth

7 in / 17 cm

Oral Depth

6 in / 15 cm


2 ft 9 in / 83 cm


1 ft 8 in / 50 cm


2 ft 11 in / 89 cm

Feet Length

8 in / 21 cm

Customization Options

Queena.A is not just a pretty face – she is the full-bodied fantasy of a naughty dreamer and always ready to rock your world up. Making the experience with her even more kinky, a variety of free and premium customization options are coming your way, so knock yourself out while purchasing!

Free Options

Free With the free customization options available, you are allowed to choose Queena.A’s skin tone, the color of her eyes, a hairstyle for her, whatever comes to your mind. Stay with us for more!

FREE 2nd Head

Double the trouble with a free second head! Whether you are in the mood for a crazy, sexy kitten or a playful and cute partner, Queena.A lets you switch it up in style. Two heads are always better than one, literally! Keep things fresh, spicy, and ever so passionate every day and night.

FREE Enhanced Mouth Add-on

The enhanced mouth add-on can be a textured mouth or a tongue add-on that upgrades your intimacy and delivers lifelike oral satisfaction. The tongue is designed to thrill, making each oral satisfaction unbelievably real. If you are ready to get driven crazy, this is the place to be, this is the sex doll to have, and this is the option to choose.

FREE Gel Breasts

Get your hands on the perfect gel-filled breasts that feel as good as they look. Soft, bouncy, and oh-so-realistic, Queena.A’s chest will become a dream come true for hands that appreciate the finer things in life.

FREE Hyper-Realism Body Painting

The hyper-realistic body painting allows you to dive deep into the allure of your sex doll. Her TPE skin is so smooth, making it a canvas for perfectly crafted art. Every freckle, vein, and blush is painted to perfection, offering a visual treat for your eyes.

FREE Articulated Fingers

Queena.A’s articulated fingers are ready to explore. Flexible, posable, and incredibly realistic, they can hold, touch, and caress with a lifelike accuracy that will have you doing double takes. Ideal for those who appreciate the little things that make a flawless photo or a perfect naughty game.

FREE Standing Feet

She will stand and deliver with the standing feet option. She will keep up with you in every pose imaginable, whether standing by your side, bending, or lying down. Those feet are made for more than just posing.

FREE Lubricant-Free Vagina

Slip into something comfortable even if you do not have a lubricant near you. Using only water, the slide will give you seamless pleasure and a smooth ride. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to stress-free sensational moments.

FREE Removable Vagina

Clean-up is a breeze with the removable vagina. Quick, convenient, and utterly discreet, it is the perfect feature for those who love their fun without the fuss. Swap, wash, and play away – the night is young, and so is your next wild adventure.

FREE EVO Skeleton Upgrade

Flexibility and functionality come your way with the EVO Skeleton upgrade. Queena.A can bend, twist, and pose in ways that fulfill every fantasy. Enjoy the freedom to explore every position you have ever imagined.

FREE Premium Outfit

Dress her to impress, complete with sexy undies and silicone socks. Queena.A is not just wearing them, she owns them. Ready to undress her with your eyes? Wait until you see what is underneath!

Premium Options

We have also cooked up a spicy list of premium add-ons to crank your sex doll game all the way to cloud nine. Get yourself a naughty Queena.A with the following upgrades:

How to Take Care of Queena.A

Keeping Queena.A in tip-top shape is key to prolonging the pleasure.

After each steamy session, start by cleaning her with a gentle cleaning agent and warm water. Be sure to dry her thoroughly to prevent any moisture-related issues. Apply light taps with a soft, damp cloth to soak up surface moisture and maintain her stunning visage.

When it comes to storage, keep Queena.A far from direct sunlight and never expose her to heat sources like a blowdryer. Lay her in a flight chest somewhere cool and dry to maintain her irresistible charm. And remember, treat her with care, and she will be your faithful companion, always ready for your next sexy play session.

Why Choose Queena.A

Why? Because she is the bomb dot com of pleasure, the queen of kink, and your ticket to a never-ending sex party in the sheets! Queena.A does not just meet expectations; she blows those expectations through the roof with her top-shelf features and customizable perks.

She is your dream curvy sex doll, ready to spice up your nights with a mix of saucy surprises and bendy moves. So, if you are looking to jazz up your jive or add some sizzle to your solo sessions, Queena.A is your go-to gal.

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