Unveiling Kiko.E – Your Premium Petite Asian Minx

Sex Doll Kiko.E Review

Are you looking to expand your sex doll collection? Then, meet Kiko.E, our gorgeous love doll by the SEDOLL brand. She is composed of premium silicone, carefully designed with every detail in mind, and ready to improve your sex life.

Her value lies in her lifelike features and excellent craftsmanship, which opens doors to vast unexplored possibilities. Kiko.E is a perfect balance of Asian beauty and sensuality, with her smooth skin and petite body. 

This in-depth guide will provide you everything there is to know about Kiko.E’s fantastic features. Examine the wide range of customization options for this doll, and adjust her appearance and abilities to meet your unique requirements.

Kiko.E’s Petite Body and Delicate Features

Every part of Kiko.E is mesmerizing, starting from her fun-colored gray hair, perfect eyebrows, enchanting eyes, and wonderfully proportioned body. Her petite figure and E-cup boobs make her the perfect companion to have fun with at any time of the day. Standing at 155 cm / 5ft 1in, Kiko.E is the ultimate Asian sex doll that will surely catch your attention. 

Let’s check out her main characteristics:








5 ft 1 in / 155 cm


50.7 lbs / 23 kg

Shoulders Width

1 ft / 31 cm


1 ft 11 in / 59 cm


3 ft  / 92 cm


2 ft 7 in / 79.5 cm

Bra Size


Arms Length

1 ft 6 in / 45 cm

Legs Length

2 ft 10 in / 87 cm

Feet Length

8 in / 21 cm

Vagina Depth

6 in/ 16 cm

Anus Depth

6 in/ 14 cm

Oral Depth

5 in/ 12 cm

The Perks of Kiko.E's Silicone Body

Because silicone is more resilient than other materials, your doll will last longer in harsher conditions. Additionally, because the material has a lower porosity and absorbs less dirt than TPE, it is simpler to clean and maintain.

But silicone does have some drawbacks. Firstly, the doll’s final price reflects its rather high manufacturing cost. Moreover, it lacks TPE’s softness. If you don’t mind that kind of thing, this might not be a drawback, but Kiko. E’s edge over her TPE rivals.

Kiko.E’s Extras

The unique perks that come with Kiko.E’s purchase are definitely worth your attention. To make her distinctively yours, RosemaryDoll goes a step further, adding some fascinating customization choices:

Premium Customization Features

RosemaryDoll provides a wide selection of free options for the personalization of your sex doll. Also, you can find many paid add-ons that will further enhance her realism and make her performance in bed suited to your preferences. Check them out:

Basic Customization Add-ons

Premium Body Customizations

Care and Maintenance of Your Doll

Kiko.E is extremely easy to clean with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap. Simply apply the solution with your hands or a sponge to her body. After giving the doll a gentle scrub and a rinse, pat dry with a towel. 

To keep the doll’s skin fresh, clean it, then let her air dry on a dry towel before applying baby powder. Do not use a blowdryer and don’t expose her to direct sunlight, as silicone is sensitive to heat and this may damage your doll. To make sure she’s totally clean and dry after usage, use a vaginal irrigator and a drying rod.

Kiko.E: The Perfect Addition to Your Sex Life

Kiko.E is designed for your pleasure, and once you get her you will soon realize – getting enough of her is really hard. Her petite body, with long legs, sensual hips, E-cup boobies, and mighty pointed nipples, is simply hard for any man to resist.

With all the customization features and add-ons it’s a wonder why she’s not yet by your side. 

Do not deny yourself the immeasurable pleasure of having Kiko.E and make an investment that will improve your sex life!

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