A Comprehensive Guide on How to Measure Bra Size of a Sex Doll

How to measure the bra size of a sex doll doll

A sex doll is meant to be your love companion for many years, and you’ll want her to look the best at all times, especially when embarking on your love adventures or displaying her and taking stunning photos. Dressing your love doll is an essential part of your life together, and finding the right fit for her clothes and intimate wear is crucial for her comfort and aesthetic appeal.    

When shopping for lingerie, bra sizing with its odd numbers and letters can be confusing. You’ll find the breast size in all sex dolls at RosemaryDoll, but you still need to know what they indicate. In this guide, we’ll explain how to measure bra size of a sex doll and provide valuable insights and expert tips to help you choose the finest intimate garment for your love doll and ensure she looks ravishing at all times.

Understanding the Basics of Bra Sizes

Before you go on a shopping spree looking for the finest lingerie for your love doll, you should understand the fundamentals of bra sizes. Sex doll bra size measurement is the same for all sex dolls, and the sizes are the same around the world. The only difference you’ll find is the band size presented in centimeters or inches, but the letters always represent the same cup size volume. 

The bra size for sex doll or any woman consists of two components – the band size, which is the chest circumference, and the cup size, which measures the volume of your love doll’s breasts. The letters are extremely important for finding a bra that perfectly fits your doll’s body, so you need to know what they mean. The smallest breasts are labeled as A and then go to B, C, D, and so on as the volume increases. You’ll notice double letters like FF, meaning the cup is larger than F but not as big as a G size.

How to Accurately Measure Bra Size of a Sex Doll

Find a soft measuring tape and follow these steps to learn how to find bra size of sex doll accurately:

Key Factors in Determining the Correct Bra Size for a Sex Doll

Besides the basic measurements, you need to consider the material your love doll is made from. The bra size for TPE love sex doll depends on the TPE elasticity because it determines the snugness of the bra fit. Silicone dolls are firmer, so getting the right bra band fit is easier. 

The doll’s breast shape and firmness are also important for determining the sex doll bra size measurement. And if you have a buxom girl with a lean body, you’ll need to look for a bra with adjustable straps or fastenings to make it fit.

Common Pitfalls in Measuring Sex Doll Bra Size

A perfect bra fit on your sex doll is absolutely necessary for her looks and your enjoyment during your moments together, so you need to be extra careful to measure her correctly. One thing you should avoid is to rely on visual estimation. It’s impossible to determine the sex doll bra size measurement just by looking at her or taking her breasts in your hands. 

You should always follow our guide and use the right techniques, mainly when you measure around the fullest part of her breasts, and consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart if you get an odd number that confuses you.

Importance of Regular Bra Size Measurement for Sex Dolls

Your sex doll’s figure can change over time because of your regular lovemaking and storage conditions. The breasts may stretch and take a different shape, so you should measure her cup size regularly to follow these subtle changes. Also, if you notice her bra fit isn’t ideal anymore, it’s time to measure her again and look for new lingerie.

How to Measure Bra Size of a Sex Doll: Final Words

A beautifully dressed sex doll can give you pleasure just by looking at her, and her lingerie plays an important part in your enjoyment during your intimate moments. A perfectly fitting bra will make your love doll look gorgeous and appealing, so you should learn how to measure bra size of a sex doll.

It’ll help you find the finest brassiere she deserves, proudly display her, and get the most out of your time together.


Yes, you can use the standard sizing chart for women as a starting point and then consider material stretch and breast shape specific to your sex doll.

Yes, you can use the standard sizing chart for women as a starting point and then consider material stretch and breast shape specific to your sex doll.

You need to carefully measure the bra size for sex doll regardless of their material. Silicone is a more sturdy material while TPE is softer, so you should adjust your measurements, considering its softness.

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