Winter’s Hottest Gift: Introducing Yukari

Imagine snuggling up with a sexy vixen by the fire while snow falls outside the window. Presenting Yukari, the latest sex doll from SE Dolls designed to liven up your holiday season.


With her toned form, Yukari radiates both confidence and sex appeal. Her sky-blue eyes shine like two snowflakes, which complement her mahogany braided hair. Moreover, Yukari is idealized for her flawless, pale complexion and well-proportioned legs. 


In this review, you will see why Yukari is essential for everyone looking for a fun companion for this winter holiday.

Endless Possibilities When Designing Your Dream Yukari

Let’s investigate more closely to see what makes Yukari so unique. It’s no secret that her long, silky legs and small frame make her the perfect example of sensual design. However, if you would want to be even more detailed, we have included her special qualities in the table below:


5 ft 4 in / 163 cm


81.6 lbs / 37 kg

Bra Size


Feet Length

8 in / 20 cm


2 ft 11 in / 88 cm


2 ft 1 in / 63 cm


2 ft 11 in / 90 cm

Shoulders Width 

1 ft 1 in / 34 cm

Vagina Depth 

7 in / 17 cm

Anus Depth 

6 in / 15 cm

Oral Depth

6 in / 15 cm


SE Dolls

Exterior Customization Features

Make her look how you want her. The perfect blend of skin tone and hairstyle will give you the realistic, personal touch you desire:

Shaping the Intimate Characteristics

Alter Yukari’s intimate areas to your liking by selecting the vagina and breast forms that arouse your desire:

Additional Traits

Elevate your experience by altering both her stand add-on as well as her skeleton type:

Maintaining the Doll’s Cleanliness

Regular maintenance is essential so that Your Yukari is well maintained and ensures that her lifetime is increased. Follow these simple procedures in order to have her clean, safe, and ready for your next encounter.


Yukari should be cleaned before the initial use and after every sexual session. If not so frequently used, then she needs to be given a shower every 10-14 days.


Use only antibacterial, soapy water so that her skin is not damaged while washing. Do not apply too much pressure or rub harshly on her pores at this stage. There is a Deluxe Cleaning Kit you might find useful during the procedure. After bathing her, allow Yukari to air-dry before applying talcum powder to ensure her skin stays smooth and dry.


Exposing Yukari to harsh temperatures should be avoided to prevent any damaging consequences. Make sure that she is placed in a secure place that is not exposed to direct sunlight or sources of heat. When not in use, place her in a lying or hung-up position using the Body Hanging Bracket to make it easier for you to maintain her shape and prevent her from getting creases.

Removable Parts

In addition, here are some more tools that can help maintain Yukari more effectively:

By applying these basic hints and suggestions, your Yukari will be with you for many years without compromising on health and safety.

Unleash Your Desires with Yukari, the Doll of Your Dreams

RosemarryDoll’s Yukari sex doll is a real game changer. This doll guarantees you the experience of your life because of its unparalleled customization options, realistic design, and advanced features.


Yukari is made to imitate the original, having soft skin and intricate details. Thus, it is easy to take care of it since one can change its exterior and private parts according to one’s wish. In addition, it has evolved properties such as detachable tongues and interchangeable vagina inserts for easy maintenance.


Yukari can provide years of enjoyment and companionship with proper care and maintenance. Do not settle for less – invest in the ultimate sex doll experience.

Do you want to enhance your sexual experiences? Simply go for the Yukari sex doll and enjoy exposure to entirely new realms of pleasure and closeness. You can learn about customization possibilities at RosemaryDoll and buy it today!

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