The Sexiest Chick in Bed: Meet Brittany, Sweet as Honey, Playful as Bunny

You’ve been looking for someone to transform your wildest erotic fantasies into reality but without real success? Well, we’ve found her for you. Her name is Brittany

She is a hyper-realistic TPE sex doll from SEDOLL, designed to help you release all your creativity and potential in bed. The cute and highly attractive brunette will never disappoint you during your most intimate encounter. She will never say “no” to any of your requests and is always eager to cuddle with you and please you in every possible way.

Find out more about her customizable options and lifelike appearance in this review, and see for yourself why she is one of a kind in the world of sex dolls.

A glance into Brittany’s Attributes

Every part of Brittany’s body radiates passion. Just look at those enchanting curves, perky boobs that are just yelling at you to touch them, and that inviting butt. Her irresistible charm will make you wanna play with her the moment you lay your eyes on those sweet lips and Golden Ratio face.

But before you start dreaming of steamy encounters, have a quick look at her body’s main specifications: 




TPE Sex Doll – Brittany


5 ft 4 in / 163 cm


81.6 lbs / 37 kg

Bra Size


Vagina Depth

7 in / 17 cm

Anus Depth

6 in / 15 cm

Oral depth

6 in / 15 cm

Shoulders Width

1 ft 4 in / 40 cm


2 ft 11 in / 88 cm


2 ft 1 in / 63 cm


2 ft 11 in / 90 cm

Feet Length

8 in / 20 cm



How Brittany Stands Out from Thousands of Sex Dolls

With so many sex dolls on the market, it’s getting hard to pick the right one. The rule of thumb in choosing is always the quality of the sex doll. 

Our Brittany is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), a top-notch material characterized by hyper-realism and flexibility. This is the secret of Brittany’s incredible lifelike appearance, but you can have her in a more advanced TPE formula – STPE. It gives Brittany even more elasticity and a natural feel to her skin while increasing durability.

Brittany’s Extra Offer

You will be surprised at how many things this sweet creature has to offer you, besides her sensuality and allure. When you order her, you will get for free the following extras:

You will receive a wig and a comb for a seamless transition to her new home. Still, you’re asking yourself how you will keep her tidy and clean, especially after all those steamy nights you’re looking forward to. Worry not, because we will send you a vagina cleaner and a pair of handling gloves. 

Now, imagine all these extras packed perfectly and discreetly together with Brittany. Well, you’re not far from the truth because when you receive the precious package shipped to your address by FedEx or UPS, no one will know what’s inside!

How to Customize Brittany to Get the Best of Her

Now, isn’t it fun to personalize your sex doll based on your own preferences? It’s like constructing a lifelike companion from your wildest fantasies! Here are the options at your disposition:

Watch the Boobs of Your Dreams Turn Real

You can even personalize Brittany’s tatas! So, how do you prefer them? Perky, firm, and realistic enough under your touch? Go for the solid breasts. If your hands crave touching bouncy boobs that just can’t calm down, opt for the hollow option. 

And if you want to feel the most realistic boobs that will immediately remind you of a real woman’s breasts, choose the gel boobs.

Customize Brittany’s Most Precious Thing - Her Vagina

You have the opportunity to customize Brittany’s hidden jewel! Go for the option with a removable vagina if you’re a newbie in the world of sex dolls, or if you just don’t have much time for cleaning her. If you want to have a more realistic experience while playing all those dirty games with this sweet bunny, choose the built-in vagina.

Here is the perfect time to ask yourself whether the sight of pubic hair gets you high or not. We guarantee memorable experiences in both cases, but you have the final word!

Brittany’s Premium Features

We warned you that Brittany is here to indulge all your erotic wishes, didn’t we? Discover these premium features that will elevate your sexual experience:

How to Take Care of Brittany

Taking care of Brittany is crucial if you want to extend her longevity and functionality. Another important aspect worth mentioning here is that by taking care of Brittany, you are taking care of your health. In other words, you’re avoiding all the possible health risks that may occur if you don’t clean her regularly. 

So, to get rid of all the bacteria and germs that may accumulate on her body, especially in her cavities, it’s highly recommended to wash her after every sex encounter with hot water and antibacterial soap. Afterward, you can leave the doll to dry by herself and apply talcum powder to protect her skin.

Indulge Yourself in the Hottest Experiences Thanks to Brittany

Brittany’s high-quality design, customizable features, and advanced functions make her a true masterpiece in the world of sex dolls. Her seductive nature will make you feel the most tantalizing pleasure you ever felt in your life.

But how about enjoying all the sexy tricks that Brittany has for you? Order her from RosemaryDoll’s shop, and immerse yourself in the most delightful sexual interactions!

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