The Lovely Island Hottie Annika.F: Your New Beach Queen

You see her lying on the beach in a cut-out swimsuit, her light skin oiled up and shining in the sun. Her skimpy beachwear gives you a good peep of her perfect silicone skin, C-cup breasts, and plumpy butt, and you have to resist the urge to squeeze.


Then you notice her thick dark hair and that gorgeous face and you can feel yourself fantasizing about her taking it from behind. Annika.F is an irresistible exotic doll you see once and remember forever!


Her natural beauty and sensual figure are made for someone who will truly appreciate all she has to offer. You’ll sigh as you run your hands through her perfect body, starting from her long sexy legs and going upwards between her thighs, squeeze her shapely breasts, and kiss her tall neck. She possesses all you need to be satisfied.

Annika.F’s Perfectly Sculpted Body

Annika.F can win any beauty competition with her perfect proportions and irresistible beauty. She’s a remarkable hyper-realistic doll made from high-quality silicone that you won’t be able to keep your hands off. 


Priced at only $2,333.00, SEDOLL crafted Annika.F to be the perfect companion, paying attention to each part of her model-like body. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of this beauty. Read more about her proportions and decide if she’s the doll for you.



Silicone Sex Doll – Annika.F






5 ft 5 in / 165 cm


72.8 lbs / 33 kg


2 ft 7 in / 80 cm

Bra Size


Shoulders Width

1 ft 2 in / 35 cm


1 ft 11 in / 57.5 cm


3 ft 1 / 95 cm

Arms Length

2 ft 2 in / 66 cm

Legs Length:

3 ft / 92 cm

Feet Length

9 in / 22 cm

Vagina Depth

6 in/ 16 cm

Anus Depth

6 in/ 14 cm

Oral Depth

5 in/ 12 cm

Give Annika.F a Personal Touch

RosemaryDoll allows customers to customize their sex dolls from head to toe. You can tweak various aspects of her appearance and make them into something you want to see and witness every night.


Most of the adjustable features are free, but the exclusive paid customization is where the world of pleasure awaits. Don’t miss out on the exciting opportunities to personalize Annika.F to your liking and make her your ideal sex partner! 

Free Customization and Adjustments

Annika.F has a hard silicone body with a natural skin tone, a head with a realistic oral structure, and a gorgeous, natural appearance with dark brown hair and brown eyes. With our free basic customization, you can change small details that affect a lot of aspects of Annika.F’s look and functionality. Here are your options: 

Special Customization and Add-ons

Unlock realistic sexual pleasure thanks to SEDOLLS’s flawless doll design. Improve this hyper-realistic doll’s body and purchase exclusive mechanisms that will drive you wild. Learn how you can elevate your intercourse experience with these features and read about them below:

Care for Annika.F’s Stunning Body and Face

Maintaining and cleaning a sex doll is crucial. If cleaned regularly and maintained properly, a sex doll can last for almost a decade. Take good care of Annika.F and you’ll have a sexy Asian beach queen by your side forever. 


You probably already have the necessary cleaning supplies in your home. Here is a short list of sex doll cleaning supplies to keep in mind:

Follow This Easy Cleaning Process

Start by removing the doll’s head and wig, then put some antibacterial soap and water on a towel or a sponge. Slowly clean the doll’s face and body, avoiding sensitive areas such as the eyes and lashes. 


Scrub gently, then wash the doll and avoid submerging the head and neck in water. Focus on cleaning the areas you use most, such as the mouth, vagina, and anal openings, to prevent bacteria. Don’t use a blow dryer to dry; instead, pat the doll with a drying cloth and let the rest air dry. 


Lastly, place the doll on a dry towel or surface, and put talcum powder on her entire skin area to protect and sustain her silky skin texture. Store your doll in a cool, dry place to protect her from dust and the sun.

Why You Need an Island Girl in Your Bed

Nobody is more willing to try new things and have adventures than an island girl. Annika.F is the ultimate gift that you can get yourself. She’s an absolutely gorgeous, C-cup Asian babe who aims to please. 


She’ll take you anywhere and anytime, ready to try all the positions you have in mind, and is always on her knees for you. Explore her soft body with your mouth and bite your favorite parts ‘cause she loves it when you’re on fire.

Don’t let the hottest chick on the island slip away, choose Annika.F to be your girl forever. Head on to the RosemaryDoll website, give Annika.F a personal touch, and enjoy your perfect sex doll every night!

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