Lose Yourself in Blanche: Your Sexy Biker Chick

Are you looking for a lifelike sex doll to unleash your deepest and hidden desires with? You are where you need to be. You can lose yourself in Blanche’s deep eyes and inviting red lips while you dive into her body. Caress her firm E-cup breasts while her long legs are wrapped around you. She will allow you to feel free to do whatever you wish to achieve the highest form of pleasure.


You will instantly feel obsessed with her toned foxy body dressed in a sexy green jumpsuit. Do not get fooled by her delicate, fair skin. She is insatiable! Her sexy leather cuffs and kinky pearl choker are here to trigger your deepest erotic desires. Do not hold back while you run your fingers through her long locks. Let this hard-core biker chick rule your imagination. Lose your inhibitions and give in to pleasure to achieve culmination.

Learn What Makes Blanche Special

Her specifics will help you find out why this sex goddess is worth your attention and money. We don’t blame you because no one can remain indifferent to her jaw-dropping curves. 

Blanche’s delicate looks hold incredible seductive power. She is armed with large, voluptuous breasts, long legs, an ironclad body, and a tight, deep vagina. Go through her specifics to see that she is the perfect match for you.



TPE Sex Doll – Blanche


SE Dolls




5 ft 4 in / 163 cm


81.6 lbs / 37 kg


2 ft 11 in / 88 cm

Bra Size


Shoulders Width

1 ft 4 in / 40 cm


2 ft 1 in / 63 cm


2 ft 11 / 90 cm

Arms Length


Legs Length:


Vagina Depth

7 in/ 17 cm

Anus Depth

6 in/ 15 cm

Oral Depth

6 in/ 15 cm

Make Her Meet Your Needs

At RosemaryDoll, they work hard to offer you the finest selection of sex dolls and accessories to ignite your fire and keep it going strong as long as you feel like it. Your desires are not a problem because you can tailor Blanche to your taste. Select colors, materials, and functions to make her your own truly.

Skin Tone and Material

You can choose from four free skin tones, ranging from white and natural to light tan and dark tan. Blanche comes with regular TPE material, replicating a lifelike feel, ensuring a memorable, realistic experience. 

Head Options


This voluptuous biker chick packs E-cup breasts. At RosemaryDoll, we are all about realistic experiences. Blanche’s boobs are inviting with their looks, but wait until you get your hands on them. Depending on your preference, you can choose hollow or solid or the free gel breast. When you grab them, they will feel as realistic as possible. Remember that you cannot select gel breasts if you want to add a heating option.


If you want smooth skin and vaginal hair is a turn-off for you, Blanche is your girl. She comes with a full Brazilian at no extra charge. If pubic hair turns you on, add an additional $50 and live your dream. In terms of function, you can choose between two types of vaginas for free. Pick the fixed one, or go for a removable one since it is easier to clean, and you can use it independently. Whichever you choose, be sure that the 2cm wide vagina will squeeze the pleasure out of you.


You can equip Blanche with a standard skeleton or an EVO one at no extra charge. EVO skeletons have more flexible spines, which allow for more movement. Choose an EVO skeleton, and Blanche will be able to shrug her shoulders as you thrust your way inside her. She will be able to bend her legs into a W position or downwards to touch her buttocks.


Blanche can have regular feet or standing ones at no additional expense. Choose the standing option if you like having sex while standing. Indulge yourself if you have a shoe fetish or if you would simply like to store your doll in an upright position in your home.

Premium Options for Premium Excitement

Blanche is anything but a regular sex doll. Her customization options, free of charge, set her apart from other sex dolls and ensure you will keep coming back to her every day, multiple times, for endless orgasms. You might think she already has everything the perfect sex doll could have. Buckle up because this biker chick packs premium features free of charge that will blow your mind and your pants. And guess what? You can choose multiple free premium body options.


As you have already realized, we are all about lifelike body options, from the skeleton to the fingers. The articulated fingers premium option gives Blanche a grip that you will remember. This revolutionary design allows fingers to move and take different positions to elevate your sexual experience.

Lubricant-free Vagina

Do you get hard and immediately want to have sex without thinking about applying lubricants? Problem solved! Lubricant-free vaginas have condensed lubricant integrated into the material. Activation requires only water, so the longer you penetrate, the better it gets for unforgettable pleasure.

Hyper-realism Body Painting

Humans are multisensory beings. The use of several senses triggers higher pleasure. Hyper-realism body painting sets new standards for sex dolls. With this upgrade, Blanche’s body will feel and look as realistic as possible. Choose this free premium body option and enjoy Blanche to the full extent.

Extra Free Head

Yes, you are reading correctly. Blanche comes with an extra free head that usually costs $375. You have a whopping 121 heads to choose from and customize to your preference. With RosemaryDoll, pleasure has no limit.

All You Need to Know about Maintenance

Maintenance is straightforward, and RosemaryDoll keeps it simple with included comb, handling gloves, and vagina cleaner with every purchase. Clean the orifices thoroughly after every use and the body every two weeks. Rinse with mild soap using a soft sponge and pat dry with a clean towel. Apply talcum powder on her body after she is completely dry. Take a look at RosemaryDoll’s care kits and learn how to prolong the life of your sex doll.

Blanche: A Dream Come True

Blanche is the wild biker chick that will make all your dreams come true. Liberate yourself and make all your naughty fantasies real with this realistic, sexy babe. Choose between the countless options to tailor her to your sexual preferences. With Blanche, you get two heads for the price of one for long and exciting sex sessions.

RosemaryDoll offers only the finest selection of sex dolls and accessories, and Blanche confirms this fact. Buy her today and wait no longer to feel maximum pleasure with this naughty biker hottie.

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