Hilary Carolyn: Dangerously Spicy Redhead

Do you like your sex dolls fierce and spicy? Well, who can blame you? They instantly bring the right amount of adrenaline that gets your blood pumping, accompanied by a boner.

Such an effect causes the blood-red hair of  Hilary Carolyn, a sex doll with delightful breasts, round butt, and fit thighs. Don’t let her dreamy gaze fool you, as she’s surprisingly present during sex!

Keep scrolling to learn why she is that good looker, how you can make her glow up, and why you should put her at the top of your to-do list ASAP. 

Hilary Carolyn's Lust-Worthy Measurements

To help you get a realistic representation of her blazing hot frame, we’ve prepared a table of her specifications. Let’s check it out:


Height: 5 ft 4 in / 163 cm

Weight: 81.6 lbs / 37 kg

Bra Size: E-Cup

Feet Length: 8 in / 20 cm

Bust: 2 ft 11 in / 88 cm

Shoulders Width: 1 ft 1 in / 40 cm

Waist: 2 ft 1 in / 63 cm

Anus Depth: 6 in / 15 cm

Hip: 2 ft 11 in / 90 cm


Vagina Depth: 7 in / 17 cm

Material: TPE

Oral Depth: 6 in / 15 cm

Price: $1,899.00

Beautify Hilary Carolyn

Make everyone else look generic when placed next to Hilary Carolyn’s Hollywood-level sculpted face.

Set Up Her Private Parts

Hilary Carolyn can’t be all set and ready for sex without these.

Step Up Her Performance

To make Hilary Carolyn go from sweet to kinky in 0.05 seconds, consider the following masterpieces. 

Enhanced Mouth Add-on

Do you want Hilary Carolyn to come to your place with a fixed tongue? That way, she’ll try out all her BJ techniques on you. But if oral sex is something you can do without, skip this one and take the textured mouth instead. 

Standing Feet Add-ons

Allow Hilary Carolyn to stand on her own and brace yourself for a thrilling experience. Steady but flexible for position variety around the house and posable for stunning photos. So you dress her in her OOTD, do exquisite makeup and adorn her with glitzy jewels. If this isn’t your thing, stay with the regular feet. 

Skeleton Type

Here comes the usual dilemma: whether to get a standard or an EVO skeleton. If you like to do a lot in bed, that’s exactly what Hilary Carolyn will give you. Just get her the fascinating EVO skeleton, renowned for its ability to bring variety. But if you don’t consider yourself an extreme adventurer, get the standard skeleton. It does its job really well. 

Insertable Penis Add-on

Are you bold enough to say yes to this role-reversing option? To step up your roleplay and jazz things up a notch, choose from our penises that come in 6″ or 7.5″ (15 or 19 cm) versions. Hilary Carolyn can carry them both equally well. 

Go Premium

Apart from the regular customization options,  we are offering you some sophisticated functional enhancements.

How to Maintain Hilary Carolyn the Right Way

When you finally have Hilary Carolyn at your doorstep, your task No.1 is to bathe her with water and antibacterial soap. That way, you’ll remove all the factory residues. You get extra points for cautiously rinsing and not neglecting her orifices.

Then, let her air dry, or pat her with a non-abrasive drying cloth, and apply thin layers of talcum powder. And to store her, lay her down on a soft surface, or hang her up in a closet.

Are You Brave Enough to Get Yourself a Hilary Carolyn?

Those bright red hues on Hilary Carolyn’s hair aren’t her warning label. They’re an open invitation to sex. If you think you can gingerly handle THAT amount of sizzling sex appeal in one dainty frame, RosemaryDoll lets you take her to your place now. You’ll never have enough of her.

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