Experience the Future of Intimacy with Our Queena.H Sex Doll

Are you ready for a completely new hot experience in your bedroom? Can you imagine your wildest fantasies becoming true just because you have the C-Cup Queena.H sex doll by your side? She’s a doll, but she makes the blood flow down there, pulsating in your pants. We’re sure you want to hide behind the mask of a strict gentleman, but once you feel her breasts under your fingers, you’ll turn into such a bad boy!


You may think, here is a sex doll – just like many on the market. Maybe you would be right, but you don’t know what secrets Queena.H hides behind her discreet smile and attractive body. Let’s get to know her better so you’ll understand what we’re telling you:

Features of the Attractive Queena.H

We’ll start with some basic features and specifications before getting to the more exciting part. Each of SE Dolls’ beauties comes with pre-determined characteristics, like height, weight, and THOSE depths. These are Queena.H’s:

Height: 5 ft 5 in / 165 cm

Weight: 72.8 lbs / 33 kg

Bra Size: C-Cup

Feet Length: 9 in / 22 cm

Bust: 2 ft 7 in / 80 cm

Legs Length: 3 ft / 92 cm

Waist: 1 ft 11 in / 57.5 cm

Arms Length: 2 ft 2 in / 66 cm

Hip: 3 ft 1 in / 95 cm

Shoulders Width: 1 ft 2 in / 35 cm

Vagina Depth: 6 in / 16 cm

Anus Depth: 6 in / 14 cm

Oral Depth: 5 in / 12 cm

Price: $2,333.00

How Can I Customize My Queena.H?

The best thing about this doll, as well as each from the SE Dolls collection, is the option to customize the basic version. From free to premium upgrades, you have plenty of options to consider. Yes, Queena.H can be your dirty, little secret hiding in your closet. And, you can make the whole thing even better. We suggest choosing the features that make you hard and thirsty for wild nights. 

Customizing the Appearance

The doll comes with a pre-determined head. She looks like she’s judging you for being a bad boy but stays until you’re done. With her stunning hair and glass gaze, she promises a wild night full of passion. Still, you can go with a different head to match Queena.H with the dream looks. 


Adjusting her looks doesn’t stop with the head, as you can:


  • Choose a light tan or natural skin tone to match your fantasies
  • Select whether you like hard or soft silicone for the most realistic experience
  • Finding the right hairstyle that seduces you (available as synthetic or human hair)
  • Choose an unusual eye color, like deep blue, lavender, or bright green
  • Natural-looking nails or the preferred nail polish color (for both hands and feet)


Intimate Parts Personalization

Making Queena.H look like you’ve imagined her doesn’t stop with the silicone type and nail polish color. We’re getting to the more exciting part, which includes:


  • Areola Size and Color: A unique opportunity to choose a small or bigger areola (3 cm or 5 cm) and match it with colors like light pink, dark brown, or natural pink.
  • Labia Shade: Just like areolas, you can choose a preferred labia color, from dark brown to bright pink – whatever gives you a boner easier. 
  • Vagina Hairstyle: Do you prefer more texture when sliding into her? Add pubic hair if smooth is not your preferred option.
  • EVO Skeleton: This skeleton type mimics the natural movements in the arms, legs, and other joints in the body. Choose it for a more realistic experience.


Let’s Make Her Premium

Not enough material to pitch the tent already? Don’t worry, Queena.H gets even better with the premium add-ons. Spice up your night and shake the sheets together with her, by choosing: 


  • Realistic Looks and Reduced Weight: She’s already tiny, but you can choose her tinier than that. Add hyper-realistic body paint to feel those curves like they’re real. 
  • Hard Hands but Soft Butt: Soft butt makes it easier to slap her. Her hard hands (pun intended) let you imitate a handshake and heavy slap on your butt (again, we don’t judge at all).
  • Soft Silicone Head: A softer head is easier to control during a blowjob. The oral opening makes the experience more realistic than you expect.
  • Lingerie and Clothes: You can have Queena.H completely naked or choose various clothes, lingerie, and accessories for the ultimate role play during your sessions together.

Taking Care for Your Joy Toy

Queena.H is perfect in every possible aspect, but wild nights may affect her beauty and appearance. That’s why taking appropriate care of her is a must, no matter how often you share pleasures together. But how to do that?

Benefits Beyond Pleasure

Queena.H’s primary purpose is to be with you when you want to spice things up in your bedroom or need immediate action when feeling horny. But do you know that the benefits go beyond sexual pleasure?

For example, dealing with lack of libido is easier with a quality sex doll because she won’t get angry or judge you. Also, you get to know a woman’s body better, as you’re free to explore every hole with no one to make you feel bad about it. Think about everything you can do, test your limits, and get to know yourself better. 

When Queena.H Becomes More Than a Sex Doll

Your doll is specially designed to stimulate your nerve endings and maintain the erection for longer. Learn the magic of delayed orgasms and replace manual masturbation with something different. 

The pleasure you feel eases the muscle tension and helps you relax after a long day. Your age is not a limit for Queena.H – she’s here to satisfy you and bring heaven to your room. Enjoy the ultimate sensation, especially during the lonely nights. Get your Queena.H today!

Your Wildest Fantasies Come True With Queena.H

Want to buy a sex doll but you aren’t sure how do you feel about that? The Rosemary Doll offer consists of customizable dolls with discreet packaging, so you can have them for your eyes only! Finding the perfect doll is challenging, but Queena.H can be a nice start for you. With all the specifications we listed, you can have the best of the SE Dolls – a customizable model that gives you the most realistic sexual pleasure. 


Remember, being ashamed of your sexual fantasies and fetishes should stay in the past. Today’s revolutionary sex dolls, including Queena.H, make a huge difference in how you use a doll, and what benefits you have – because it’s more than the sole purpose of sexual pleasure.

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